Familiar cultivation is located in the northwest of the Cáceres province in Extremadura, alongside the Sierra de Gredos. The weather conditions are particularly favorable for this crop. We use the meltdown water from the snow to irrigate olive trees and the microclimate makes the trees, and special its fruits (olives), gives us a renowned extra virgin, one of the best in Spain. Olive trees are located in silt cultivated soils that are very rich in organic matter. This kind of soil helps the growth of the olive trees, the germination of flowers and the development of fruit, favoring olive oil quality.

We only sell the first extraction of the olive and we squeeze the juice the same day of the harvest, with the most modern high-end equipment. Two mills grind the olive to facilitate the work of the three-body mixers, taking the mass to vacuum systems that together with centrifugal machines contribute to removing water content on olives. The next step is the filtering, we use three vertical filters. The whole extraction process is carried out at a cold temperature at 19 degrees, that’s the way we obtain high-quality olive oil.

The storage is carried out in stainless steel tanks called “decantadores”, these are high-end models that are currently being manufactured. At the bottom, they have a funnel shape that makes the cleaning of olive oil easier due to its proper weight (decantando) preserving all the properties.

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